The Ryan Chen Memorial Citizenship Award


2022: Congratulations Naomi and Colton! πŸ’šπŸ’™


In 2022, the Ryan Chen Memorial Foundation Fund launched the inaugural Ryan Chen Memorial Citizenship Award that is awarded to one or two grade 6 student(s) that demonstrate qualities of citizenship at Battalion Park School. The award is $250. If two students are selected, the award will be split, and each student will receive $125. The citizenship quality for 2022 was resilience.

Resilience is a trait that Ryan exemplified throughout his ordeal fighting cancer.  Even while undergoing numerous treatments such as chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, surgeries, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and many needle injections, he continued to go to school, participate in hockey and soccer, play the piano, and would write cards or letters of encouragement to friends who were sick with a cold.  

Ryan underwent tremendous suffering while undergoing his numerous treatments, but he never let that define him or dim his spirit. 

The Ryan Chen Memorial Citizenship Award was created to continue the legacy of how one young boy’s courage, spirit and compassion for others could continue to shine a light on the best aspects of humanity.

β€œNever ever give up.” – Ryan Chen

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